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Energy Management

Speed Joule is a patented, state-of-the-art energy management device designed for both residential and commercial use.
By using its patented technology to manage power supply variations, Speed Joule instantly reduces energy consumption, provides full surge protection, extends the lifespan your appliances and equipment, and significantly reduces your electric bill.

What is Speed Joule?

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Why Choose Speed Joule?

Appliance Longevity


By carefully regulating your power supply, Speed Joule has the potential to slash your monthly energy bill by an average of 30% (we've seen as much as 50%.)

Every day, your electrical power supply faces thousands of tiny power surges from both local and wider power systems. Over time, these small surges can build up and end up damaging your appliances and equipment. These frequent spikes in voltage not only increase your power bills but can also cause serious, permanent harm to your electricity supply.

Enter Speed Joule – the game-changer
that addresses all these issues.

Relieve the strain on your appliances and equipment, granting them a longer lifespan and enhanced efficiency.

Safeguard your home or office against the constant threat of power surges and anomalies that occur on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Speed Joule's mission is to empower a sustainable future through reduced energy consumption and clear energy savings. We are dedicated to providing an innovative energy management solution that not only reduce energy bills for our commercial and

residential clients, but also contributes to a greener planet.


By harnessing patented, cutting-edge technology, we aim to deliver clean energy to communities worldwide, support the construction of churches, and foster an environment where economic savings and ethical practices go hand in hand, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

10% of our net revenue will be used to build churches & bring clean energy to places without power. 

proudly made In The U.S.A 🇺🇸

Every speed Joule unit is built with care in Alamogordo, New Mexico

  • 3 Year Warranty


  • 100% Made In America


  • Quick & Easy Installation

Speed Joule represents the pinnacle of American innovation and quality. Crafted with pride in the USA, each purchase reinforces our commitment to domestic manufacturing and the national economy. 

Watch Our
Virtual Demo

In this virtual demonstration, Master Electrician Josiah Schultz showcases Speed Joule's jaw dropping power factor and energy management features.


Watch electricity usage instantly drop by over 20%. While this instant reduction is undeniably impressive, users can anticipate even more substantial drops in energy consumption after a 60 to 90 day regulation period.


"We were having fires and fire alarms were burning out everywhere, except for where speed Joule was installed!" - U.S Army Base

the U.S. Army Relies on Speed Joule.

Speed Joule, utilized by the U.S. Army to enhance power quality and shield vital equipment, has dramatically cut energy costs at one military base, halting the premature aging of their gear due to poor energy quality.


This upgrade has led to extended equipment life and substantial taxpayer savings.

The Tribal Nation tested units on their 24 hour fitness facility and saw a 33.4% drop in energy consumption after one full billing period. As a result, they purchased 60 units to install in 2 locations.

Yelsta Del Sur Pueblo Native American Tribal Nation.

Brothers of Christ International has achieved an astounding 53.60% average reduction in their monthly utility bill since installing Speed Joule.

Brother of Christ International.

Pizza Patio.

Pizza Patio in Alamogordo, NM has witnessed a remarkable 25.33% average reduction in their monthly bill, along with an enhanced lifespan for their appliances and equipment.

Trusted By Over 3,000 Home Owners

Speed Joule is the trusted choice of over 3,000 homeowners nationwide, who consistently report substantial reductions in their monthly utility bills ranging from 10% to over 50%. What's more, these homeowners have shared their experiences of increased appliance lifespans, improved appliance efficiency, and a heightened sense of peace of mind, knowing that their most valuable asset is shielded from surges, transient voltages, and electrical anomalies.


Speed Joule is like the conductor of an electrical orchestra in your home, commercial or industrial space, ensuring every element plays in perfect harmony for optimal energy use and equipment longevity.

Picture an orchestra where every instrument's timing is crucial; when out of sync, the performance suffers. Similarly, Speed Joule corrects the timing between voltage and current in your electrical system, akin to aligning bass and drum beats or synchronizing dancers, ensuring they work 'in-phase.' This alignment means your equipment runs more smoothly, using energy more efficiently and reducing wear and tear.

Moreover, Speed Joule acts like a surge protector, buffering your system against voltage spikes that can cause damage. 

Imagine voltage as pressure in a water hose; too much pressure and the hose can burst. Speed Joule manages this pressure, preventing the electrical equivalent of a burst hose and extending the life of your appliances.

By using capacitors and Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), Speed Joule stabilizes power flow, correcting 'lagging' currents typical in systems with motors. This not only makes the power more productive (like dancers moving in-step) but also protects against surges, ensuring a stable, efficient, and safe electrical environment. It's a system that not only saves on energy costs by ensuring every bit of power is used effectively but also prolongs the operational life of your machinery and equipment by protecting them from the stress of electrical

In Alternating Current systems, when amperage and voltage pulsations are “in-phase” they look like this: (Voltage Represented by RED and Current represented by BLUE.

When the current is “LAGGING” the voltage the waveform will look like this:

Looking at the provided image, think of Speed Joule as the rhythm keeper for your electrical system. Just as musicians in an orchestra must stay in time for a flawless performance, the red and blue waves in the image show how electricity flows through your system.

When they move together, as shown in the top part of the image, your electricity is 'in-phase'—that's your system at its best, saving you money on your energy bill because it's using power efficiently.

The lower part of the image where the waves are not aligned, known as 'lagging,' is like a band out of sync, which leads to higher bills and strain on your appliances. Speed Joule corrects this, bringing the waves—and thus your electricity—back in line. Plus, it acts like a shield, guarding your appliances against sudden surges of power, much like a surge protector does.

In simple terms, Speed Joule keeps your electrical system playing the right notes at the right time, saving you money and keeping your appliances running longer. It's an investment in your property that pays off by cutting energy costs and reducing the risk of damage over time

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