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Shield Your Business from Energy Disruptions

In the dynamic world of business, fluctuating power supplies pose a real threat, causing equipment damage and energy spikes. Speed Joule steps in as a critical ally for businesses large and small, offering robust protection against electrical inconsistencies. It stabilizes your power supply, safeguarding equipment, and optimizing energy use, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


With Speed Joule, you're equipped to face electrical challenges head-on, protecting your investments and keeping your operations secure.

why choose speed joule for your business?

In commercial and industrial settings, SpeedJoule plays a pivotal role in maximizing energy efficiency and safeguarding costly equipment. By optimizing electrical systems to reduce waste, businesses see substantial energy savings, contributing to lower operating costs and a healthier bottom line.


Moreover, the protection it offers against power fluctuations extends the life of expensive machinery, ensuring operational continuity. This combination of benefits translates into a compelling long-term return on investment, as companies can significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime, enhancing overall productivity and sustainability.





equipment Longevity


SpeedJoule enhances energy efficiency in commercial and industrial spaces, slashing energy expenses by 10%-50%+. Acting as an electrical conductor, it ensures power flows harmoniously, safeguarding machinery while boosting efficiency for significant cost savings.

SpeedJoule stabilizes energy flow in commercial and industrial settings, enhancing equipment durability by mitigating voltage spikes and erratic power. It guarantees machines operate efficiently and last longer, protecting investments and improving operational efficiency.

SpeedJoule acts as a shield against electrical surges. It effectively neutralizes voltage spikes from environmental factors or power grid changes, protecting critical machinery and electronics. This ensures the safety of valuable equipment, providing businesses with security against unpredictable electrical hazards.

ready to protect your business & lower your bill?

Getting Speed Joule in your business can be done in 3 easy steps! 




Once you determine how many units you need,  you can easily order units online



After you order, you'll get an installation guide for your electrician to easily install your units. 


In this virtual demonstration, Master Electrician Josiah Schultz showcases Speed Joule's exceptional power factor and energy management features.


Watch electricity usage instantly drop by over 20%. While this instant reduction is undeniably impressive, users can anticipate even more substantial drops in energy consumption after a 60 to 90 day regulation period.

Watch Our Virtual Demo

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