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Your Home Is Your Most Valuable Asset - protect it

Owning a home shouldn't mean being handcuffed by your local utility provider's escalating rates.

Year after year, we watch our bills climb by an average of 6%, with no visible action taken to mitigate the risks of transient voltages and electrical irregularities.

The consequence? Your hard-earned money is spent repairing or replacing appliances and on wasted energy that could have been prevented.

Our mission is to protect both your home and your budget. With our innovative solutions, say goodbye to the uncertainties of utility costs and hello to peace of mind and savings.

The SpeedJoule offers significant benefits for residential use by ensuring a stable and efficient energy supply. It effectively reduces electrical waste, lowering energy bills, and extends the lifespan of appliances by protecting them against voltage spikes and power fluctuations.


This device not only contributes to a greener environment by reducing unnecessary energy consumption but also provides peace of mind through enhanced surge protection, making it a smart investment for any home looking to optimize energy use and safeguard electronic devices.

why choose speed joule for your home?





Appliance Longevity


SpeedJoule harmonizes your home's energy use, reducing waste and cutting bills by up to 50%. It's like a conductor for electricity, ensuring everything flows in sync, protecting appliances, and optimizing efficiency for significant savings.

SpeedJoule acts like a smooth road for your home's electrical flow, extending appliance lifespans by preventing voltage spikes and erratic power, akin to a steady pace for a runner. It ensures appliances run efficiently and last longer, safeguarding your investments and enhancing home operation.

SpeedJoule acts as a protective barrier for your home, like a fortress against electrical surges. It absorbs voltage spikes from lightning or power shifts, safeguarding appliances and electronics. This ensures your valuables remain safe, offering peace of mind against invisible electrical threat.

ready to protect your home & lower your bill?

Getting Speed Joule in your home can be done in 3 easy steps! 


Click here to calculate how many units your

home needs & see how much you could save!

quick assessment


Once you determine how many units you need,  you can easily order units online



After you order, you'll get an installation guide for your electrician to easily install your units. 


Watch Our Virtual Demo

In this virtual demonstration, Master Electrician Josiah Schultz showcases Speed Joule's exceptional power factor and energy management features.


Watch electricity usage instantly drop by over 20%. While this instant reduction is undeniably impressive, users can anticipate even more substantial drops in energy consumption after a 60 to 90 day regulation period.

Trusted By Over 3,000 Home Owners

Speed Joule is the trusted choice of over 3,000 homeowners nationwide, who consistently report substantial reductions in their monthly utility bills ranging from 10% to over 50%. What's more, these homeowners have shared their experiences of increased appliance lifespans, improved appliance efficiency, and a heightened sense of peace of mind, knowing that their most valuable asset is shielded from surges, transient voltages, and electrical anomalies.

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