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Manufacturer: SPEED JOULE, LLC Product: SPEED JOULE

Speed Joule, LLC provides a warranty for a full 3 years for a one-time replacement due to a manufacturer defect only. The warranty begins upon the installation date. The customer may have time to wait for the licensed Electrician to do the installation. The warranty will commence upon shipping and remains in affect up to 90 days after purchase date in order to get the benefit of a Manufacturer 3 year full replacement warranty. Within this time period the Warranty registration form must by filled out and post marked within 90 days of purchase the date. If not received within that time the Manufacturer will honor an automatic 3 year warranty from the date of purchase.


Should the customer’s original unit fail during the 3 years after purchasing, there is a one-time replacement when the customer returns the defective product. The warranty information, whether on hard copies or digital format, shall include the information about the product, i.e. serial number(s), name or business name (if applicable), customer contact number and address, and certified, licensed electrician name.

1) Warranty: Manufacturer warrants to Owner that the Speed Joule units were tested and certified to Edison Testing Lab (ETL) standards and specifications. Subject to the following terms, conditions and limitations, Manufacturer will, during the term of this Warranty, at its expense, replace or cause to be replaced said product(s) which are the result of defects in Manufacturer’s workmanship. Upon expiration of the term of this warranty, without notice from Owner of some defect, Manufacturer shall have no further obligation to make replacements at Manufacturer’s expense under any provision of this warranty whatsoever and Owner shall not make any further demand or claim against the Manufacturer concerning Manufacturer workmanship. Prior to distribution of replacement being sent out to Owner, the defective product must have been received by the Manufacturer. The warranty covers product only.


2) Terms, Conditions and Limitations: a) The warranty does not cover any installation that is not that of a certified, licensed electrician. If the Owner decides to install or uninstall the product and is not a certified, licensed electrician, this warranty is voided and the Manufacturer is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur, whatsoever. b) The acts or omissions of other trades or contractors; damaged as a result of throwing, dropped, hit with force, smashed or any other impractical handling of the product that causes damage to it. c) It has been determined that some customer’s electrical services are more problematic than others. Higher failure rates are due to these anomalies of erratic power hits; if this happens the warranty will cover one replacement within the term of this warranty. d) This warranty shall immediately become null and void for the balance of its term if any of the aforementioned conditions occur, aside from the one time replacement of the product, if the failure is due to the actions of the Owners electric provider.




3) Notification by Owner: During the term of this warranty, if the Speed Joule fail, the Owner must immediately notify the installing contractor to assess the installation and operability of the product. If the product is deemed to be defective then the owner must notify the Manufacturer via email, have the product removed by a certified, licensed electrician and mailed directly to the Manufacturer.


4) Events Which May Void Warranty: This warranty shall become null and void, in addition to the listed circumstances in Section 2), by: a) tampering with it and any way, i.e. opened. b) If the Owner ordered the incorrect Speed Joule for a particular application and, as a result, it failed or became damaged.


5) Transferability: This warranty shall accrue only to the benefit of the original Owner named above. It is not transferable to any other person or organization. If the Owner moves locations the product can be removed and reinstalled at new location and be afforded the remaining term of the warranty at a new location as long as the Owner is the same. This is also the case for an organization/business. If the original Owner decided to leave the product in its location and they relocate, the warranty is now voided.


6) No Other Warranties: No other express warranty is given by the Manufacturer to Owner. The replacement of the Speed Joule is the exclusive remedy. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof. All implied warranties, specifically implied warranties of suitability and fitness for any particular purposes are expressly excluded and disclaimed. The responsibility of the warranty rest solely with the Manufacturer only. Distributors, dealer, and sales associates are expressly excluded and disclaims any responsibility to Owner in connection with or attributable to the materials and any such materials Manufacturer warranties.


7) Incidental or Consequential Damages: Under no circumstances shall a distributor, an authorized dealer or sales associate be liable to Owner or any person for any incidental, special, consequential or other damages including but not limited to loss of profits, damage to or loss of building, it’s content, whether arising out of breach of warranty or breach of contract or under any other theory of law.

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